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How it all started

Sugar Artist Yvette Angela

If you can dream it,

We can make it...

My name is Yvette Angela-Duncan and I am glad to share with you part of my journey within the world of sugar art and patisserie.

At a young age I used to help my mother who was a cake decorator herself. After many years without practicing the art I met (the late) Mrs. Bianca Fernand and through her I got introduced to the English style of cake decorating.

Soon hereafter, I came in contact with a beautiful lady and Sugar craft Artist by the name of Tomby Peck. After a short visit to England she introduced me to the real world of Sugar Art and also taught me the great delicacy of cake decorating, in particular with Sugar Flowers. They say that practice makes perfect. In the year of 2001 I enrolled in the British Guild competition as individual where I received the Bronze Award in the "open division Floral Arrangement". I returned in 2004 and enrolled again, this time in the open division "competitor's choice-freestyle" where I was honored with the Gold Award. I believe that the quality of the product is as important as the decoration itself and therefore I only use the finest ingredients. I am willing to transfer my talent and knowledge of the art into your projects.


Feel free to browse the photo albums and leave comments. And Remember everything you see is Sugar Art and is edible.

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