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Try it and judge for yourself...!!


For those of you who haven’t had the French Lemon pie yet, I highly recommend this heavenly dessert.

Guest testimonial;
"When this dessert was showcased on the table, you could clearly smell the Lemon-vanilla scent" from a distance!”


Topped with real 23 carat gold leaf flakes,  this dessert is super elegant.


I guaranty you will be hooked!

Tart au Fraise June 2014

Tart Au Fraise on decorated dessert plate

French fruit tarts are popular. In this dessert, whole and sliced strawberries are arranged on a layer of rich cream made with cream cheese and Madagascar vanilla bean.

A strawberry glaze adds sheen to the finished dessert. And finally some lime zest to kick it up another nudge!

Latest projects

Celebration Cake  September 9, 2016

My next assignment is quite interesting!


A two-tier cake made for two ladies, representing each one of them. 


The top of the cakes were hand painted and bush embroidered with The Lotus flower as the focal point, - Monstera leaves - Hedera ivy and Blue Speedwell flowers.

A floral arrangement with the above-mentioned exotic flowers, leaves and plants (All made of sugar, in real size) was made to compliment the whole display! The vibrant warm colors, represents their vivacious personality.

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