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The 2-Tier Lotus Fruitcake

Y. Angela-Duncan September 9, 2016


These two ladies met by coincidence!
They soon discover, they had a lot in common! Same interests in life, fun and outgoing!
But as they were conversing, they soon discovered they had more similarities than just that extroverted personality. A few years ago they both were struggling with their health!
But fortunately they were able to overcome that obstacle too.
The greatest shock came, when they discovered, that they both has the same birthday date! Now how cool is that!!! Needless to say, they decided to throw a party, celebrating their birthday together, with a big birthday cake!


The assignment.

After brainstorming I decided to make a two-tier cake instead!
Representing each one of them. I used the teardrop shape in a medium and large size.
They were covered with white fondant and attached to a 10mm sugar coated cake board.

The top of the cakes were hand painted and bush embroidered with The Lotus flower as the focal point, - Monstera leaves - Hedera ivy and Blue Speedwell flowers.

A floral arrangement with the above-mentioned exotic flowers, leaves and plants (All made of sugar, in real size) was made to compliment the whole display! The vibrant warm colors, represents their vivacious personality.


The final result


The sugar floral arrangement consist of:
- The Lotus flower as the focal point, with corresponding buds
- Monstera leaves
- Hedera ivy
- Blue Speedwell sprigs
- Aspasia Lunata orchids


The ladies were happy with their cakes, and so were we, with the outcome!


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