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Your dreams, our Goal

Mission Statement

Stunning, Elegant & Unique
Why choose 2nice-2slice?

Because your Wedding and/or Celebration is special, it is worthwhile treasuring forever. To compliment this day, 2nice-2slice's mission is to offer you, an innovative, impressive and classic way of cake-decorating.

We offer you, elegant and stunning cake designs for this special day.


We can assure you, it will be unique and one of its kind on the Island of Curaçao.


The purpose of 2nice-2slice is to provide you with

  • an optimal service

  • elegant, spectacular and tasteful cakes that will blow your guests away

  • and also offer you a great collection of savory finger foods and fine French pastry

We strongly believe that the quality of the product is as important as the decoration itself and therefore we only use the finest ingredients.

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