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French Lemon Pie with Real 23 carat gold


For those of you who haven’t had the French Lemon pie yet, I highly recommend this heavenly dessert.


Lemon meringue pie, as it is known today, is a 19th-century product. The earliest recorded recipe was attributed to Alexander Frehse, a Swiss baker from the Canton of Romandie. The filling is made of fresh lemons, which gives this dessert a "pleasant" tart taste that is balanced perfectly with the light flaky bottom pie crust (also known as) "Pâte Briseé". It’s flavored with real (Madagascar) vanilla bean and fresh lemons then topped with the most delicious lightly torched Italian Meringue you've ever had.


At 2nice-2slice we always like to add that something special to make it unique. Next to the lemon zest this dessert is also topped with real 23 carat gold leaf flakes, which makes this dessert super elegant and a feast for the eyes! Yes, gold is edible and is only used in the most expensive restaurants around the globe. I can tell you, after you had the first bite of this dessert, the memory of that silky smooth texture and flavor lingers long in the mouth before melting away.


As a guest that has enjoyed this dessert put it;"

When this dessert was showcased on the table, you could clearly smell the Lemon-vanilla scent" from a distance!”


I guaranty you will be hooked!


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