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Y. Angela-Duncan September 28, 2013


It is quite exciting, when I have to start a new project, especially a wedding project!


Upon appointment with the aunt of the bride six months earlier, we discussed broadly the details for their wedding cake.

The couple lives in the Netherlands, and was planning to be married in Curacao.

My experiences with soon-to-be brides is that upon receiving all information and looking at pictures, they will be so overwhelmed, that they cannot make up their mind on what exactly they want.


People tend to choose from pictures of someone else’s wedding cake, but how fun it will be if you can create your own design!

You can choose your own edible cake decorations (e.g. handmade and hand painted sugar flowers) that matches the theme of your reception and your wedding bouquet.


It will then have its own characteristics.

This is where I try to assist them, and guide them through the process.

Your wedding day is VERY SPECIAL, and your wedding cake is as important as your wedding gown.


I always tell my clients;

The center of attention at the reception, what captures the attention of the guests is:

1. The married couple

2. Their wedding-cake.


  • No matter how small you want your wedding cake, it should stand out

  • For example if you are planning to have a dessert table too, your wedding-cake should never be just a number among your desserts!

  • People should come in and recognize your wedding cake immediately although you have a lot of other desserts.

  • It should fit with the theme and color you choose for your wedding.


Most of the time my clients will ask me to guide them in making a choice in design, color and presentation.


Taking the wedding details into account, I can let my imagination run wild and so create a unique style that matches their personality.

The young bride with exceptional contemporary taste loves pink, so for her color pallet we chose a soft pink for the focal point and white as the main color. The whimsical cake-topper was provided by the bride, and added a humorous touch to the wedding cake. Nonetheless this cake was very delicate and elegant.


The two-tier cake was covered with a layer of white fondant.

A cluster of hydrangea was hand painted (brush embroidered) freehand on the sides of the cakes with food colors, to accentuate the hand-tied hydrangea sugar flower bouquet. The bases were embellished with a fine satin ribbon and a row of small dots were piped. Using a No. 00 tip with royal icing, delicate embroidery work was piped onto the sides of the cakes. To complete the setup it was flanked by the sugar hydrangea clusters tied to the cake knife & cake server.


The end result: An elegant and delicate wedding cake to compliment a real classy wedding.

The couple also ordered pink French macarons, filled with white chocolate ganache.

We also created a custom made pyramid to showcase the white laced boxes with these exquisite French delicacies. 


From the married couple who was extremely pleased with the results to the guests at the reception the amount of praise and compliments received were overwhelming.


Feel free to browse our Gallery.

Some of the pictures can also be seen on our Facebook.


To all of you, I want to extend my gratitude for your kind words and comments!


A wedding fit for a “Queen & King”

Thank you both for allowing us to be part of this special day!

Another successful wedding project!!!

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