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Valid till April 1, 2014

Cinnamon roll

Offer valid till April 1, 2014


For that special occasion we offer a heart shape, or the original square shape to enjoy at any time!

Cinnamon roll is a sweet pastry seasoned with cinnamon. It is also popular with the names like cinnamon bun, honey bun, cinnamon snail, cinnamon swirl, in Sweden ‘kanelbulle’and in Finland ‘korvapuusti’.It varies in sizes, from diameters of 5 cm up to 20 cm.Cinnamon rolls (Kanelbille) are so popular in Sweden, that every yearOn October 4th is dedicated as the “Cinnamon day” The influences of German baking techniques and Swedish and Danish ingredients can clearly be seen in the making of cinnamon roll. Notwithstanding, its exact origin is still unknown.

So what makes 2nice-2slice’s Cinnamon roll different?

  • It's Light, Fluffy and will absolutely "Melt-in-your-mouth". Its like eating a piece of cloud!

  • Luscious cinnamon-brown sugar filling

  • It's topped with the best homemade cream-cheese frosting to die for!

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