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Notice the basket is also made of bread dough and completely

edible !!!

High Tea Party

Y. Angela-Duncan June 23, 2013


Recently I was asked to provide a dessert buffet and host a “High Tea”

to celebrate the 19th anniversary of a church group.


All details were taken into consideration.

The tables were covered with beautiful white Damask table linens that had Baroque patterns imprints.

The Victorian style High Tea table setting, included a Victorian “Country rose” cups and saucers set complete with teapots milk jugs & sugar bowls.


The table setting also included a collection of Cake-stands which ranged from 3-Tier cake stands to 5-Tiers. A few fresh flowers centerpieces also decorated the nice table setting.

Those same flowers were impregnated on the cups and saucers.

The white plates with their scrolled embossed edge accentuated the Golden under plate.


An array of fine desserts and French pastries adorned the tables!

There was a total of 15 items, including an edible Bread basket made of bread dough.

The entrees included:

Savory entrees


  • Edible bread basket with a variety of assorted mini rolls

  • cold cuts

  • Finger Food Triangle sandwiches

  • Single portion Quiche

  • Dilled Salmon Scones


Sweet Entrees:


  • Walnut cinnamon streusel cake

  • Traditional Madeleines

  • Green Tea Madeleines

  • A variety of fruity French Maccarons

  • Le Fraissier

  • Tartlettes

  • Raspberry Mousse

  • Mango Mousse


The guests were delighted by the diversity of entrees and tastes.

We received so much praise and compliments that it made me feel uncomfortable.

Some of the comments:


“We got overwhelmed by the beautiful and succulent French Patisserie”


“ I don’t want to be invited to any High Tea never-ever again!
   I want to treasure the memories of this one forever!  “


“I’ve been to High Teas but never experience such an array of fine desserts

And pastries”!

“I’m very happy I came, this is an experience of a life time for me.”


     “Not one single item was common to us, everything we had were delicious and unknown to us?


To give you a little taste of that unforgettable day, feel free to brows our gallery/Patisserie and take notice of some pictures from this event.

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